Direct Steel and Construction provides professional construction services to commercial clients.

Owner’s Representative – Proficient in the various phases of construction, Direct proudly represents businesses as they seek to build or expand their operations.  Services often begin by aligning owners’ design criteria and vision with construct-ability, budget and schedule.  With a keen focus on the owner’s best interests, Direct’s team is instrumental in facilitating its clients coordination of entitlement efforts, due diligence, selection of other team members, contract negotiations, and alignment of the four pillars of any construction project (scope, budget, schedule and quality).

I have done 3 major construction / remodeling projects in my 21 years of business and had less than stellar experiences.  My current project with Direct Steel is going so smoothly I have to pinch myself to remind myself this is real.  Direct’s team has been a true advocate for me and my project.  They’ve listened to learn what I really needed, has given great advice, brought great partners to the table and executed in a timely, cost conscious and professional manner.  I highly recommend Direct and would not dream of doing another project with anyone else!

Andrea Herrera

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