Direct Steel® LLC is a commercial general contractor specializing in the construction of metal buildings.

Advantages of Metal Buildings

1. Low Initial Cost
Pre-engineered building systems cost significantly less than other types of buildings, they can be erected in a shorter amount of time, resulting in short-term financing for the entire project.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing
That is a metal building? We’ve all heard it before; pre-engineered building systems do have a broad range of design flexibility. This allows the integration of glass, timber, masonry, fascias, overhangs, virtually any architectural accessory the client desires.

3. Low Maintenance Costs
What maintenance manual? Pre-engineered building systems retain their appearance and weather-tightness for years with little or no maintenance. You can be confident your building will last well into the future!

4. Ease of Additions
Want to add to your existing metal building? Sure! The walls of a pre-engineered metal building are non-load bearing and can be easily moved to allow for expansions or remodeling.

5. Energy Efficiency
Compared to other types of construction, the metal panel and blanket insulation used in a typical pre-engineered metal building provides an extremely energy efficient building envelope resulting in reduced building operating costs. Other types of wall systems available for a pre-engineered metal building include high R factory foam insulated wall panels. These panels feature a solid foam core laminated to the exterior wall panel and an interior liner panel, and are offered in a variety of panel profiles.

* source Durable Steel


Remprex, LLC, has sourced numerous metal buildings for our client base.  We have found that one company, Direct Steel LLC, has rated far above the competition.  Their professional sales staff consistently delivers on time and within our clients budgets.  They are a World Class Team that partners with their client from start to finish of a project.

Remprex truly appreciates all your continued support.  Keep up the quality work.

Bill Flanagan

Remprex, LLC

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