Strong Supporters of Sustainable Construction

Direct Steel and Construction utilizes LEED AP and Green Associate credentials to address the total impact on resources needed to build, operate, and reuse a building. Contact us in Crystal Lake, Illinois, to go over our sustainable construction methods in detail.

U.S. Green Building Council Leed Certified

Potential Energy Savings

Heating, cooling, and ventilation of a typical commercial building account for 31% of the electricity consumption, excluding the industrial sector. Additionally, 38% of the total electricity is used for indoor lighting (Energy Information Administration 2008).

Leed Green Association

Before Prismatic Skylights

After Prismatic Skylights


ASHRAE and IECC, the main regulatory bodies for energy standards, are estimating that energy codes will become 30% more stringent over the next 5 years. Their goals are to continue driving the movement to increase energy efficiency as evident in several new energy-related standards that have been recently introduced (MBMA Association Energy Design Guide 2010).

Efficient Design

The AIA has adopted the Architecture 2030 Challenge to design, construct, and operate buildings using drastically lower amounts of fossil fuel generated. This is authorized by the Net-Zero Energy Commercial Building Initiative.

Environmental & Economic Evaluations

Life-cycle assessment (LCA) and life-cycle costing (LCC) are becoming more essential in the selection of material and building systems. We understand the importance of analyzing the effects on our environment and cost factors.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Goals

FAR 52.223-22
Public Disclosure of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Reduction Goals-Representation (Dec 2016)
Direct Steel and Construction provides general contracting, construction management and owner’s representation services and as such does not generate significant greenhouse gas emissions. The company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1% per year.