Direct Steel® and Construction’s staff utilize their LEED AP and LEED Green Associate credentials to address the total impact on resources needed to build, operate and reuse a building, including:

Potential Energy Savings- Heating, cooling and ventilation of a typical commercial building accounts for 31 percent of the electricity consumption, excluding the industrial sector. Additionally, 38 percent of the total electricity is used for indoor lightning (Energy Information Administration, 2008).

Regulations- The main regulatory bodies for energy standards (ASHRAE and IECC) are estimating that energy codes will become 30 percent more stringent over the next 5 years. The goals of the ASHREAI and IECC will continue to drive the movement to increase energy efficiency as evident in several new energy-related standards that have been recently introduced” ~ MBMA Association-Energy Design Guide 2010


Efficient Design- The AIA has adopted the Architecture 2030 Challenge to design, construct and operate buildings using drastically lower amounts of fossil-fuel generated authorized the Zero-Energy Commercial Building Initiative.


Life Cycle Assessment- Life-cycle costing (LCC) and life-cycle assessment (LCA) are becoming more important in the selection of material and building systems.
I just wanted to send you this little piece of information which thrills me about our new VP [Varco Pruden] building.

I was out on the plant doing Luminance tests with my plant manager last Friday.

The readings at 5 PM in the plant in the new building with no lights on which is on the east side of the building was 35 to 45 Foot Candles.

The plant readings throughout our old plant with all lights on ranged from 10 to 25 for the most part.

This even includes areas on the slitter and blanking lines where we have extra inspection lighting.

The building is about a month away from full completion, and everything looks great.

With most of our electric usage being from all the lighting, this is definitely a nice green initiative and cost savings for CPI ongoing.

We are so thrilled that we are already talking about looking into retrofitting skylights into the old building.

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