Sustainable & Green Construction Practices

sustainable construction development

Sustainable Construction

Sustainability has a multitude of meanings with respect to various fields and industries. When discussing sustainability in construction, we are referring to projects that do not deplete resources, nor do they have harmful effects on the environment. Throughout the past decade, sustainability has become something of a “buzz word” in the industry, as, societally, we’ve all become more aware and invested in preserving our planet. 

Importance of Sustainable Development in the Construction Industry 

When working on a construction project, a team should always consider how what they are doing might affect the community on the micro level and the environment on a more macro level. A temptation has long existed (within certain companies) in the construction field to choose should the most inexpensive and efficient method when completing a job. Sustainable construction companies keep the environmental impact at the forefront of their business decisions.

Green Construction

Many construction companies have gone “green,” or committed to using materials that are sustainable for an elongated period and that operate using renewable energy sources. Green construction is, undoubtedly, the way of the future for the construction field as whole. Each day, more and more clients are requesting that their projects align with this initiative and are “green.”

"Triple Bottom Line" Approach to Construction Managament

While profits and growth will always be the bottomline for some construction companies, many, including Direct Steel, have committed to using sustainable resources that are eco-friendly and employ green initiatives. We view our projects in terms of "triple bottom line" thinking that considers a development's impact on people, profits, and planet. Regardless of who you are or what field you are in, we only have one earth and it is our responsibility to treat it right.

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