Safety In Construction

Safety in Construction

Direct Steel and Construction takes the safety of its clients and employees very seriously. By following a rigid set of established principles, Direct works to effectively ensure that people, property, communities, and the environment are safe at all times. Construction companies must always remember that safety is paramount. More important than profits or keeping a schedule, following protocol in all cases is a Direct promise to its customers.

Direct’s aforementioned principles all work in conjunction with state, federal, and USACE, safety, health and environmental regulations. A construction company should always align their procedures said regulations so as to ensure safety.

 Direct’s core safety principles include:

  • The belief that all occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented
  • The belief that every employee has the right and duty to question the safety on a jobsite
  • The belief that each employee is responsible for complying with company safety and health requirements as a condition of employment
  • The belief that all safety events must be investigated to understand what could have been done to prevent the occurence
  • The belief that by only employing contractors who are committed to safety that we can help ensure that safety is always maintained on a jobsite.
  • The belief that by proactively identifying workplace deficiencies that we can help ensure a safe workplace

 All employee decisions at Direct are all always guided by these principles. We believe that safety is not something to strive for, but a foundational pillar that we aim to ensure to our clients. 

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