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How a Women Owned Small Business Defies the Odds – The Direct Steel Story

Direct Steel, a commercial contractor and women owned small business has found success despite a recession and various government contract qualifications. Read more about the success story

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Sustainable & Green Construction Practices

Direct Steel takes steps to go above and beyong sustainable construction practices, and considering the impact of a development on the community and environment. Learn more about out approach:

7 Things You Need to Know about Communications in Construction

Effective communication in construction is key to a project being completed on time and on budget. Learn about communication problems in construction projects

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A Comprehensive Approach to Construction Project Management

Creating value before, during, and after a construction project: Optimizing construction management, Owners representation and general contracting services

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Quality in Construction Projects

Obtaining quality standards ensures that the customer is satisfied and that their project will allow them to remain competitive and achieve their personal goals with regards to the structure.

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Stakeholders: The Personal Side of Construction

The primary stakeholders of a commercial construction project are the owner, employees and customers of the business. Listening to their needs and designing the project around them is critical.

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The Importance of Budgeting Proactively

A budget is more than just a number. To those beginning major projects, it is best viewed as a plan expressed in dollars.


Safety in Construction

Learn about Direct Steel's Commitment to Safety on the Job Site

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