A Comprehensive Approach to Construction Project Management

August 2018

Before, During, and After a Construction Project: A Strategic Approach to Commercial Construction Management

If you’re approaching a new development, renovation, or expansion project for a commercial facility, you know there are more questions than answers, and more companies claiming to provide a high level of project support, but what does this really mean? How much assistance do different companies provide within the scope of their work? Direct Steel has the experience and knowledge to provide assistance throughout the entire commercial construction management process.

A customer-focused approach to Construction Project Management

Direct Steel has learned that the number one priority a commercial construction project management company should focus on is to deliver on customer’s expectations. “The most important thing is to know what your company does best and the value it provides your clients.” says Direct Steel CEO Rosemary Swierk, “What is the pain-point you are solving that is different from the competition?” Direct Steel’s unique approach to commercial construction management is to provide comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the life cycle of a project, from preliminary property research, owner’s representation, to general contracting and construction project management, Direct Steel is uniquely positioned to help realize even the most challenging construction projects, on time, within budget and scope.

 "It is always a great experience to work with Direct Steel on projects. They are very competitive and their proposals are detailed. They go the extra mile to assist when opportunities arise. With their knowledgeable Project Managers, I know the project will be completed right. I would highly recommend Direct Steel."
~ Marc Gilman, JJ Henderson

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Direct Steel provides guidance at all stages of a project. Stuck on a permitting or compliance question? Need help defining a budget and timeline for a new construction or addition? Wondering how best to manage the mix of design firms, subcontractors and property owners? Rely on our expertise throughout the entire project and avoid costly mistakes and unforeseen setbacks! Besides being preventative, be proactive on achieving the best result of a project: a call with us might surface opportunities to value-engineer a project or incorporate new construction methods and technologies.

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Owner’s Representation: Navigating Building Permits, Zoning Law, Tax Incentives and Contract Negotiations

Pre-construction work is imperative before the design phase. Doing the due diligence before designing and completing a project can be a headache to navigate the various hurdles of county and city zoning and building permit departments, researching property history and restrictions, and negotiating contracts. Is your property in specially designated wetland, near commercial airspace? There are a myriad of pitfalls that a development is subject to before construction. Beyond this, municipalities and counties have special incentive programs to entice a desired type of commercial property, or new construction method in line with their comprehensive planning directives. Leveraging incentives is another reason to hire a company fluent in the rules, regulations, and incentives that the property in question may be subject to.

General Contracting and Value Engineering in Construction Projects: Fine-tuning the Project Design

A second pair of eyes on any major plan can provide alternative design ideas and unique insights to improve the value a project creates for the cost. Direct Steel’s experience in managing client’s projects brings a wealth of knowledge to the table when identifying design alternatives for commercial construction projects to improve the usefulness and benefits of a facility while maintaining the same or similar budget. Advances in architectural design, construction technologies and processes create opportunities everyday to make a commercial construction project design better, more useful and create more value for the developer.  We work in cooperation with architects, designers, and end users to integrate the optimal technology from leading suppliers into well-designed new buildings, additions, repairs, and remodeling.

Construction Project Management: Ensuring the project is On-Time, On-Budget, and within Scope

Direct Steel’s focus on delivering on client expectations and being proactive to solve potential development problems ensures projects get completed on-time and within budget. Our construction management processes and communication, including Budget Analysis, preliminary scheduling, and maintaining oversight through final construction meet and exceed client’s expectations. 

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Direct Steel is uniquely experienced at different stages of a construction project. We specialize in General Contracting, Construction Management and Owner’s representation. Facilities such as retail, office, industrial, education, institutions and recreational are some of Direct Steel’s area of expertise.
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Direct Steel has managed many metal building construction projects, and knows how to effectively see through the completion of a development on time, on budget and prevent common communication problems from delaying a project.